• Expert Witness

    The most important thing an expert witness brings into the courtroom or to deposition is his/her credibility.
  • Mediation

    Howard knows that often more can be accomplished in less time and with less cost by resolving issues outside the courtroom.
  • Arbitration

    When selecting someone to arbitrate a dispute, it’s essential to choose a person who has a thorough understanding of the field or industry,
  • Consulting

    Real Estate is ever-evolving and it takes long-term experience to be able to navigate any market or project.

Panel Contribution: Outlook: How Can Open Space Add Value to Real Estate Development?

howar234Leave A CommentApril 4, 2014
In an open discussion on LinkedIn about open space value in real estate development, Howard had the following to contribute: “Open, green space can take many forms, not simply that of a carpet of grass which serves to add a pallet of green to the exterior aesthetics of say, a... Read More

Giving Diligence its Due “Title Insurance – Don’t close without it!”

howar234Leave A CommentMarch 5, 2014
In the realm of real estate development, fundamental to the real estate Developer’s ability of converting   his/her vision of developing property for  profit  to the reality of realizing that “noble” goal is  his/her ability to accomplish myriad, complicated and interrelated tasks along the critical path of the project’s development  to... Read More

Howard N. Shapiro on Jim Fried Radio Show Feb 13, 2014

howar234Leave A CommentMarch 5, 2014
  Edit Feb 19, 2014: Added a clip of the segment where I was interviewed (first download link below). Full segment is also available (second download link). I am very pleased to say that I  have been invited by Jim Fried, who is a well known and popular Miami real... Read More

Giving Diligence its Due Part VI: “The Concept”

howar234Leave A CommentJune 12, 2013
In my previous blogs, I discussed the importance of due diligence when the developer is considering the acquisition of a real property asset for portfolio or for development purposes. In my discussion I emphasized the importance of paying concentrated  attention to the issues which arise and what the dire consequences... Read More

University of Miami Letter to Incoming Class

howar234Leave A CommentJune 9, 2013
Each year, for the past 16 years that I have been an Adjunct Faculty Member in the University of Miami School of Law LLM Program in Real Property Development, I have participated in the incoming class’s Orientation Program. The orientation process includes meeting with the students in the classroom setting... Read More