• Expert Witness

    The most important thing an expert witness brings into the courtroom or to deposition is his/her credibility.
  • Consulting

    Real Estate is ever-evolving and it takes long-term experience to be able to navigate any market or project.


Locating partners to bring real estate dreams to reality can be challenging. Having local knowledge and connections to identify and partner with the right contractors and service providers is essential for the success of any real estate project. Howard Shapiro has worked in the local real estate market for more than thirty-five years and can easily help you to identify the perfect partner for your goals.

Once a project is underway, you need experience and knowledge to be able to monitor its progress and know the warning signs of problems before they spiral out of control and cause expensive delays. Howard Shapiro has overseen so many projects he knows when all is well at a construction site and when there are issues that need tending sooner rather than later.

Every project needs an experienced expert like Howard Shapiro on the team in order to guarantee the best possible results. Howard would love to discuss your project goals and his possible role in making them come true. Call 954-214-1069 to start getting help.