• Expert Witness

    The most important thing an expert witness brings into the courtroom or to deposition is his/her credibility.
  • Consulting

    Real Estate is ever-evolving and it takes long-term experience to be able to navigate any market or project.


Design is too often left to the last minute in even the most high-value real estate development projects, with many developers content to leave everything to their contractors. Howard Shapiro has been hands-on in each and every one of the more than 4,500 units he’s been involved with, and he has decades of successful design experience that he can bring to your project overnight.

No matter whether it’s residential or commercial, small-scale of worth hundreds of millions of dollar, Howard Shapiro can deliver incisive, creative design advice that will set your project apart from the herd. There’s no better marketing for real estate than exquisite design from the ground up, and Howard Shapiro can bring that elusive “X Factor” to your real estate development. Contact him today at 954-214-1069 to find out what he can offer.