• Expert Witness

    The most important thing an expert witness brings into the courtroom or to deposition is his/her credibility.
  • Mediation

    Howard knows that often more can be accomplished in less time and with less cost by resolving issues outside the courtroom.
  • Arbitration

    When selecting someone to arbitrate a dispute, it’s essential to choose a person who has a thorough understanding of the field or industry,
  • Consulting

    Real Estate is ever-evolving and it takes long-term experience to be able to navigate any market or project.


In any dispute, emotions run high.  With the money and value involved with most real estate developments, purchases, or sales, those emotions are even more powerful.  While the first instinct might be to file a lawsuit and litigate, Howard Shapiro knows that often more can be accomplished in less time and with less expenditure outside the courtroom.  As a certified alternative dispute resolution professional with extensive experience in all facets of the real estate industry, he is uniquely qualified to assist people in resolving their disputes before too much time – and money – is wasted.

In real estate, every moment lost is costly.  Howard Shapiro knows how to guide both parties to a mutually beneficial solution that gets the project back on track without significant delays or financial loss.  Drawing on his own experience as well as his extended training in mediation, he was successfully helped many people at all levels of real estate development resolve their issues quickly and satisfactorily.  Feel free to call 954-214-1069 to schedule a consultation.