• Expert Witness

    The most important thing an expert witness brings into the courtroom or to deposition is his/her credibility.
  • Consulting

    Real Estate is ever-evolving and it takes long-term experience to be able to navigate any market or project.

Site Planning

Land use and landscape architecture is as important as any other aspect of a real estate project, and can often offer invisible obstacles in a real estate development project that the less-experienced don’t think about until it’s too late.

Howard Shapiro has been working in real estate development for almost forty years, and is well aware of all the potential problems that any site can generate, and the special challenges of site planning for residential or commercial properties.  He can not only anticipate problems and ensure that plans are in place to prevent them, he also has the experience to draw on when unexpected problems arise with site planning.

Mr. Shapiro can also advise on the most advantageous site planning strategies, drawing on the $750 million of real estate development he has been involved with during his storied career.  Call him at 954-214-1069 today!